Methods for ArtScience collaboration

ArtScience collaboration is often thought to benefit artistic work, but can it also aid scientific discovery or technological innovation? In this project we experimentally investigate whether, where, and how collaboration between artists and scientists enhances domains outside that of the arts. Fundamentally and practically, our studies show that the artist’s tendency problematize novelty enhance the creative process, and that the artist’s tendency to develop artefacts to aid communication is necessary to make collaboration between artists and scientists work. Working in close collaboration with CARADT at art academy AKV St. Joost the merging of scientific and artistic methods is investigated further within the domain of assistive technology design, and the development of design methods for this particular domain.

Figure. Still image from one of our ArtScience workshops (at STRP Biennale 2016): Participants are exploring the effects of inverted vision on their behaviours using the inverted vision goggles, to come up with an original research question.

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