Alwin de Rooij, PhD


Alwin de Rooij conducts (neuro)psychological research to study how creativity and imagination work and can be enhanced. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, social robotics, and sensory augmentation play a central role therein. One of his key ambitions is to understand how creativity and imagination emerge from the interactions with our inner, material, and social environments. This to develop better innovation processes, tools and technologies to support creative professionals in practice. Next to holding a tenured assistant professor position in Creativity Research at the Department of Communication and Cognition, Tilburg University; Alwin is an associate professor in Situated Art and Design at St. Joost School of Art and Design. His work has been published in high end psychological, human-computer interaction, and media art journals and conferences; funded by national and international research organizations; and received several honorary awards for research excellence.


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